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Ueshiba returned to Ayabe . He resumed teaching martial arts at the Ueshiba academy and worked also at the Tennodaira farm. At this period he was particularly interested in teaching Sojutsu ( the art of spear) , Ken- jutsu and jujutsu . He counted among his students in Daito- ryu, a number of naval officers such as the distinguished admiral Seiko Asano, also a follower of the Omoto religion.

Gradually, the news, that master Ueshiba performed feats of martial arts, spread. Seiko Asano praised Ueshiba, to his colleagues in the marine, and encouraged another Admiral Isamu Takeshita , to come to Ayabe to discover the martial art taught by Morihei . Admiral Takeshita was very impressed and did his best for Morihei to demonstrate and conduct training in Tokyo. His exceptional skills in jujitsu and his charisma soon made him a highly regarded instructor within the military and political elite of Tokyo.

In 1925 came an event that radically changed the vision of Ueshiba on martial arts. A naval officer and Kendo master challenged him in combat. Ueshiba accepted and won the fight without actually fighting. He didn’t use his sword but avoided or deflected each shot of the officer as he was able to visualize the trajectory of these shots before the officer got to him. After the battle, Master Ueshiba, exhausted, retired in his garden for a dip at the well. On that moment he felt a great sense of peace and serenity . It suddenly struck him that he was bathed in a golden light descending from heaven. His body and his mind seemed of gold. This intense and unique experience was his personal revelation, the Satori.

Ueshiba said: " I was suddenly feeling that the universe trembled and a golden energy rose from the earth and surrounded my body with a veil , turning it into a golden body. At the same moment my body and my mind became bright. I could understand the songs of the birds and I was aware of the spirit of God "...

" Suddenly I understood the nature of creation , The Warrior's Way , which was to spread divine love " Aikido was born! He pointed to this teaching as the Aiki - Budo rather than Aiki Bujutsu.

The subducting character of ‘do’ to ‘jutsu’ completely changed the spirit of the study: one passed from the " martial Aiki technique " to " the martial way of Aiki ".

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