A martial arts adapted to the modern world.

The founder of the AIKIDO, Morihei UESHIBA (1883-1969), was inspired by the best Masters of martial arts of Japan of the time (schools of JUJITSU, traditional fencing).

The background philosophical or religious (Shinto traditions, Zen, CAT) played a part very importantdans the development of this art.

Concurrently to this return to the sources of the traditional spirit of the samouraï, it succeeds in opening its practice with more modern concepts (research of peace, fraternity, harmony) and developed since 1948 the teaching of a new and original discipline, which started since 1950 to radiate in the whole world, in particular in France.


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The research of the aïkidoka is that of the optimum balance of the individual compared to itself, and compared to its environnement.Each can confirm to its physical possibilities, the goal being precisely of better knowing yourself. Such practice is thus accessible to all, men or women, of the tender years until the ripe age.


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Techniques with naked hands with one or more adversary, armé(s) or not. Techniques with the sabre, to the stick Techniques of concentration, breathing All the techniques aim to the control of the adversary, bringing it to a fall and/or an immobilization. It is a question of channeling the movement, the speed and the force of the adversary, of using them without returning in opposition with them.


If as with the judo, the practitioner of Aikido uses techniques of projection and of immobilization to unbalance and control its adversary, it can also accompany its movements by a series of atémis, i.e. blows of fist and foot carried, as with Karate, in vital places of the body. But contrary to the Judo and the Karate which constitute sporting disciplines, subjected to rules very strict, Aikido is a martial arts whose practice excludes any idea from competition.

Technique of ideal defense, the Aikido forces to destroy the aggressiveness of its adversary by showing the uselessness of its attack to him. Discipline physical and complete morals, the Aikido makes it possible to acquire a perfect self-control by ensuring a harmonious development of the body.



The aikido is a martial discipline increasingly practised by the children. Clubs of children are born in each department and see their population increasing each year. "We want quite simply to take part in the education of the children by a means: Aikido. It is a discipline which enables us to tackle certain general educational problems. With the Aikido we wish that the child learns how to act, create, show, help, evolve/move, organize and thus to open with its own sensitivity ".

Regional, national and international training courses are proposed to them. The framing is composed professors, teachers and doctors. A Commission Children continues its work within the school of the executives: its goal is to train teachers for the Aikido Children and to promote all the activities interesting the children and the Aikido.



There is no specifically female aikido because the aikido is a martial discipline which conveys values recognized in our company like female: harmonize, not aggressiveness, broadmindedness, respect of the life. The women are thus integrated very well because of entry, they are recognized in these values. Moreover, the practice of the aikido requires to use before all the flexibility, energy, the capacity to evaluate situations quickly, rather than the simple physical force. Doubly favoured, the women can thus progress within this discipline which they will practise effectively, with their own sensitivity, and always with pleasure.



When a few years of practice, as well as the health and the passion which result from it, join the family harmony, the condition of aïkidoka veteran settles in the heart of the individual. The group of the veterans is an example for all; indeed it is reassuring to share the same practice with its elder. The age, but especially the years of practice induces peace, availability and modesty. These human values contribute to the transmission of the message of peace which the aikido wants to convey. Each year, a great training course placed under the benevolent eye of TAMURA Shihan joins together with ARM all those and those which express an inextinguishable appetite in front of the promises of the following day.

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