The European Aïkido Federation is an international association; indicated and known under the abbreviation FEA or EAF. The FEA is an apolitical association which does not make a distinction between national previous history and different faiths. The FEA recognizes Aïkido based by Moriheï UESHIBA O Senseï (1883-1969 ).


The federation figures

The EAF is:

  • 16 Organizations
  • 12 Countries of Europe
  • More than 35 000students followers of Aïkido
  • 2 organizations in the course of membership

The EAF aims:

  • Conceive and coordinate a common politics of education and broadcasting of Aïkido this education with the set of its members.
  • Promote the development of the practice and education of Aïkido.
  • Guarantee and protect ranks or titles of recognized teachers.
  • Maintain authority and the autonomy of its members, represent them and defend(forbid) their interests, notably with international bodies.
  • Coordinate and protect the public interests of the members.
  • Establish, any publications considered useful in pursuit of indicated objectives, organize demonstrations of prestige.
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Our members