Due to the crisis and the general situation in Europe (limitation of travel and meetings), the Steering Committee decided to cancel the holding of the General Assembly of Podgorica in April. Another date will be proposed at a later date. We would like to thank the Federation of Montenegro ...

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Tamura Sensei

TAMURA Nobuyoshi Shihan Born in March 2, 1933 in Osaka He began practicing Judo and Kendo especially in college, under the direction of a friend of his father who was himself a teacher of this art. Particularly attracted to Zen in his youth , he became a follower of the macrobiotic founded ...

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European Aïkido Federation

F.E.A.E.A.F. The European Aïkido Federation is an international association; indicated and known under the abbreviation FEA or EAF. The FEA is an apolitical association which does not make a distinction between national previous history and different faiths. The FEA recognizes Aïkido based ...

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A modern martial arts

Our  DISCIPLINE A martial arts adapted to the modern world. The founder of the AIKIDO, Morihei UESHIBA (1883-1969), was inspired by the best Masters of martial arts of Japan of the time (schools of JUJITSU, traditional fencing). The background philosophical or religious (Shinto ...

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Federation news

Death of Mrs. TAMURA11 Apr 2020 08:27

Death of Mrs. TAMURA

We learn of the death of Ms. Tamura. May she rest in Peace with her husband (Tamura Sensei).

"It is with great pain that we announce the death of our mother, Rumiko Tamura, which occurred on the night of April 9 to 10, 2020.

Given the current situation, the meditation ceremony will be held in the strictest of privacy. family.

Nobumichi, Yoshimichi and Masamichi Tamura "


To Nobumichi, Yoshimichi and Masamichi TAMURA, and your families,


It is with deep and immense sadness that, on behalf of the European Aikido Federation, its Steering Committee, all national organizations and their practicioners, I offer you the most sincere condolences for the disappearance of your Mother Tamura Romiko.

I can assure you that we are deeply touched and that we sympathize with your pain.


Vasconcelos Salgado, Luis Chairman of the European Aïkido Federation.


Summer Camp 202014 Feb 2018 14:33

"Summer Camp 2020"

Aikido Federation of Serbia, namely Shihan Mirko Jovandic  7°Dan Aikikai Hombu, has been running summer camps for 20 years. This year again for the 11th time in the same city. You have the information on the flyer attached. Those who were once come regularly again. Join you and you will come again. Sincerely everyone.

Our Members